Developing relationships with a broad base of organizations is one of things we do at CCL because we want to become too connected to fail

We are non-partisan and will do our best to stand behind any politician from any political party that will stand up for the climate. We are grateful to everyone who have joined us on the journey from me to WE!

Below is an image that shows many of the problems facing humanity.  You may feel overwhelmed looking at all the problems but as our Executive Director Mark Reynolds likes to remind us being overwhelmed is an incorrect interpretation of a situation.  Why is it an incorrect interpretation? It is almost impossible to be overwhelmed. It is something that rarely happens.

How do you overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed? Identify the problem and reframe to something other than overwhelmed. Work directly on that problem and come up with a plan that will help you successfully tackle that problem.

By working effectively on any one of these problems, be rest assured you will probably have a beneficial impact on the other problems because: