We Generate Political Will for a Livable World

Ottawa City Councillor, David Chernushenko is our venue sponsor for the conference and will speak during the opening of our conference. MP Bruce Hyer will speak during the closing moments of the conference. An open invitation has been sent to many MPs to attend and speak at our conference and it will remain open until the conference is over. 

December International Call
Saturday, December 6, 2014,  10 a.m. PDT / 1 p.m. EDT

Dec. 6: Allan Savory of the Savory Institute

Can we reverse desertification and sequester carbon through cattle herding? That’s the hopeful theory behind the work of our December guest, Allan Savory of the Savory Institute, who began developing his holistic management 

November 2014 Action Sheets
Nature Paper - Ditch the two degree warming goal
Laser Talks

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On June 24, 2014, over 600 Climate Lobbyists, including 26 Canadians, lobbied almost every single congressional office on Capitol Hill in Washington DC for carbon fee and dividend